About Us

KBH Kaanuun (“KBH”) is a boutique law firm based in the Arabian Gulf and Gulf Cooperation Council (“GCC”) with offices in Dubai, Kuwait and Bahrain.

As a full service firm, our expertise spreads across a broad span of business disciplines and major industries, including real estate, M&A, restructuring, joint ventures and corporate and commercial matters. We also specialise in commercial dispute resolution, covering litigation, mediation and arbitration.

The close proximity of our offices allows us to draw from our highly diversified, multi-disciplinary teams according to the specialised skills and experience required by each project. The partners of the firm have rights of audience in the English, DIFC, Kuwaiti and Bahraini Courts. We also pride ourselves in our extensive global network that provides us with valuable resources as and when required.

KBH Kaanuun Provide coverage in Dubai, Kuwait and Bahrain. The Dubai Office of KBH Kaanuun was set up in 2006 and was previously known as JSA Law.
The Bahrain office of KBH was set up in 2010 and is headed by Haifa Khunji.
The Kuwait office of KBH Kaanuun was set up in 2010 and was previously known as Basem M Al Muthfer Law Bureau, which started in 1999.